The Mississippi River, High Water before the Spring thaw melt saturating battures on the East bank upriver towards the Huey P. Long Bridge and downriver to the Carrollton Bend.

Carrie Lee Schwartz is an artist who is inspired by nature and its " ever changing and unpredictable perfection." She uses a variety of media to create works that reflect on the relationship between man and nature, specifically, her South Louisiana home. Her formal training in the fine arts, specifically in glass, drawing, painting and photography, have given her insight into working with light as she manifests her ideas regardless of the medium in which she is working. Her recent "Weaving Light Series" is a four year long study of light and its interaction with various filliments in nature.

Her works draw on her deep understanding of the tenuous, fragile experience of both growing up in the wetlands and also living next to the strength and power of the Mississippi River. The Louisiana landscape has changed rapidly in her lifetime, and continues to do so. Carrie has made a point of trying to daily document these changes , where many New Orleanians and others are moving north to higher ground since Katrina, taking Southeast Louisiana culture with them as they go.

As an educator for over 25 years, her philosophy in the classroom was to encourage students to combine their technical skills, conceptual thinking and creative ideas to produce innovative projects that reflect and build on their past works. She emphasized objective critical thinking during classroom dicusssions and critiques.

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